Sage Pastel Partner

SA's most widely used accounting software solution, suitable for small to medium size businesses.

Sage Pastel Partner is a feature-rich accounting solution with a range of add-on modules that bring all the aspects of your operating environment together to provide you with a comprehensive and transparent view of your business. It gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. The powerful add-on modules allows your software to grow with your business.

Add-On Modules

Extend the functionality of your Sage Pastel Partner.

Debtors Manager

The debtor manager module is suitable for any industry wanting to boost the debt collection process.  This modules software is intended to execute tracking and control in the collection department.


This module makes it easy to track and control inventory items.  Multiple warehouses can be set up so you can streamline your inventory management.

Time & Billing

Employees complete timesheets and bill your customers via activities created.  The activities via timesheets can be used to generate customer invoices.

Serial Number Tracking

This stock control module assists you to track items once purchased or manufactured or sold.

Fixed Assets

Fixed assets are physical items which you acquire to run your business.  You need to keep a register of your assets and maintain information of date of purchase, purchase price and date of disposal. Let the fixed asset module maintain and track each asset’s value, depreciation and assets that are obsolete.

Bill of Materials

Build, assemble or manufacture any inventory item using these items as parts or components. 

This recipe lets you specify quantities of each component to make one item.  You can use service items that have costs to represent labour and other costs.

Your Benefits

  • Never worry about SARS compliance again.

  • All transactions get captured in a General Ledger.

  • Get expert consulting and support.

  • A summary of your business is easily accessible.

  • Import and reconcile your bank statements automatically.

  • Module add-on’s suitable to your particular industry.

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