Paradigm Software Product Review

Paradigm Software is suitable for all companies from various industries and sizes.  The software is a tailored synergy best suited for your business.  Paradigm has been bringing visions to life since 2015.Their Business Process Management software maximises productivity in all business environments.  

Their software provides powerful data capturing and reporting tools, like Dashboards and Scoreboards, as well as other features, essential to the efficiency and growth of your company.

Paradigm provides a primary foundation to communicate and process information that ensures accuracy and accessibility.  Their all-powerful Manufacturing Module fully tracks the production processes, resource availability and helps to avoid possible bottlenecks in line with Theory of Constraints methodology.

Move your business forward with these result driven features:

  • Real Time Dashboards

  • Order Document Processing

  • CRM

  • Manufacturing Software

  • Distribution Fleet Management

  • Property Management

  • Inventory Optimisation (Dynamic Buffer Management)

  • Financial Systems Integration

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